Gafo Energy NZ invests in Comoros geothermal development

Moroni, Grand Comoros, Comoros Islands (source: flickr/ Woodlouse, creative commons)
Avatar Alexander Richter 4 Haz 2010

NZ firm Gafo Energy NZ Ltd announces advancement of geothermal development program on three of the Comoros Islands, Grand Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan.

Announced in a release by the company, Gafo Energy NZ Ltd (Gafo) says it “has advanced its offshore geothermal development programme with its announcement of its contract with Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM).  SKM will carry out the research, survey and analysis phase of the project which entails geology and chemistry fieldwork and the management of the geophysical survey of the three Comoros islands; Grand Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan.

The Comoros is an archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean, located off the eastern coast of Africa, between north-eastern Mozambique and north-western Madagascar. The government of the Union of the Comoros is the only state to be a member of all of the following: African Union, Francophonie, Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Arab League and Indian Ocean Commission.

The islands of the Comoros Archipelago were formed by volcanic activity. On Grand Comore, where the capital and largest city Moroni lies, the most outstanding feature is Mount Karthala, the country’s highest point and one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Gafo is leveraging the extensive New Zealand expertise in geothermal development. Managing Director of Gafo, Dr Mohamed Naqaweh, said “SKM were chosen for the project because of their global experience and reputation as leaders in geothermal research and development.” Gafo intends to invest about 120 million Euros in the overall geothermal project.

Honourable Zoubert Al Ahdal, Ambassador for Comoros based in Abu Dhabi, said he was delighted that Gafo are making such a significant investment in Comoros to help displace the dependency on diesel-powered energy. The potential to generate energy from a local source will benefit the people of Comoros and the environment.

About Gafo Energy NZ, part of GAFO:  Gafo Energy NZ is a developer of geothermal power generation along East Africa’s Great Rift Valley and nearby volcanic islands. In late 2009 the Union of the Comoros government granted Gafo Energy NZ exclusive rights for Comoros geothermal projects.

More information: www.gafoen.com

Source: Company release via Zawya