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Reach the #1 Geothermal Audience Online:

  • 112,000+ unique visitors/ year*
  • 32,000+ page views/ month*
  • 4,000+ followers, fans, group members on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 1,500+ subscribers to weekly newsletter
  • #1 source of up-to-date news from the geothermal power sector
  • First read for industry and financial players and investors, governmental and international organizations, corporate execs, marketing specialists and geothermal enthusiasts.

*internal statistics (as of September 2014)

Audience Statistics:

  • Location: United States leading, followed by Iceland, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia, India
  • Passionate: 45% and more are visiting the site on a regular basis
  • Decision makers: 70% and more are in corporate executive positions*

*ThinkGeoEnergy LinkedIn Group (link)


“ThinkGeoEnergy is the premier resource for accurate, timely, and up-to-date geothermal status updates on current global geothermal companies, news, and events.  It has positively impacted my business development activities, and I not only devour each issue, but count on the data for planning and keeping my corporate leadership informed.  Thank you.”, Halley Dickey, Director Geothermal Business Development, TAS Energy, United States

For Montly Ads:

The site offers the following banner advertisement options:

  • 220×220 Sponsorship Square (not rotating) – (1)
  • 580×70 Long Banner Ad (rotating) – (2)
  • 220×220 Rotating Sponsorship Squares (rotating) (3,5,6)
  • Sponsored News Items (4)


Pricing information and further details are available upon request, for details please use the contact sheet or send an e-mail to alex (at)


For Event Organizers:

The site offers media partnerships, but also promotional relationships. For details please use the contact sheet or send an e-mail to alex (at)


Further development:

There is a constant drive to add additional things. In 2011, a job portal was added, the printed version of the ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Power Plant Map has been published, the online Geothermal Power Plant Map has been set-up, and an ThinkGeoEnergy iPhone app (GeoEnergy) has been released.

The site also uses a number of additional social media tools:

ThinkGeoEnergy – Media Kit 2014:


To contact ThinkGeoEnergy about advertisement or other cooperation possibilities, please use the contact sheet available or by e-mail to alex (at)

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