Renewables help Costa Rica to cut electricity costs by 12%

Las Pailas plant, Costa Rica (source: Ormat)
Alexander Richter 24 Mar 2015

Renewables such as hydro or geothermal have been powering the country for 75 days in a row and will also lower electricity rates for consumers

As reported last week, Costa rica has been generating all of its electricity this year via green, renewable energy. This is in itself great news, but also, by using only renewables, “has prompted the country to lower electricity rates by 12 percent. ICE predicts that rates will continue to drop for Costa Rican customers in the second quarter of the year.” according to GreenTech Media.

This reinforces the message that geothermal and other renewables not only provide a green alternative and reduce carbon emissions, but also help reduce costs to the consumer when implemented appropriately.

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Source: GreenTech Media