REW Opinion piece on fossil vs. renewable energy subsidies

Cottbus: Protest gegen das von Vattenfall geplante CO2-Endlager (CCS) (Source: Flickr, CC, GuenterHH)
Alexander Richter 15 Haz 2015

Fossil fuels have enjoyed decades and even centuries of subsidies... why not renewables?

Subsidies are a hot topic not only for renewables, but for the energy industry in general. Their scope and impact can topple the current state of energy generation worldwide and therefore creates great controversy.

Susan Kraemer, Contributor to Renewable Energy World has recently published an opinion piece on said subsidies for fossil fuels.

The main argument is that when fossil fuels first appeared between 100 and 300 years ago, they both enjoyed tax breaks to make them more attractive and foster their growth. To date some of these subsidies still exist and the same cannot be said about renewables.

To read the opinion article, please follow the link.

Source: Renewable Energy World