ThinkGeoEnergy hitting another milestone with 5,000 daily pageviews

ThinkGeoEnergy Website 2015
Alexander Richter 15 Nis 2016

Founded in 2008, ThinkGeoEnergy continues to be the most read geothermal news outlet. Among other milestones this week, we reached for the first time 5,000 page views on a single day.

Ever since founding ThinkGeoEnergy as a blog back in 2008, I was aware that running a small media website for a small niche market, such as the geothermal industry would be an uphill battle. Little did I know how strenuous this journey would become, but also how successful we could be.

This week was a particularly successful one and I am very proud to report on key milestones have achieved this week

  • One day record of 1,500 visits (1,250 individual visitors)
  • One day record of 5,450 page-views
  • Weekly visits: 6,020 with 4,500 individual visitors)
  • Weekly page-views: 22,260
  • Visitors from 139 countries
  • Top 10 countries: U.S., Kenya, Indonesia, UK, Philippines, Canada, Germany, Iceland, France, Japan


Utilising a blog platform as basis, I always thought that design plays a crucial element in gaining and retain readership. So here a few iterations that you might find interesting

Here the website iterations from 2009 to 2013



In 2014, we reached a stage where we wanted to do a lot more with the website, adding a research database in the background that would showcase all geothermal power plants in the world, as well as additional research data and a business directory.

But things took a different turn. With a web developer not delivering, neither in the promised timeframe nor with the stable and expandable backend, we have been running the site on some kind of intermediate mode since it went live in April 2015. The result was devastating … loosing a lot of traffic, most of our Google rankings, the site not accessible for times, most of our news not accessible for a long period of time etc. This nearly resulted into having to close shop. But we managed to hold on and are now getting back on track.

Going into our 7th year of operations though, we are confident being able to relaunch the website in a more stable mode in the coming days that will also allow us in the future to add all the functionality we are planning.

Here the website as of today (left) and how the new site will look like (right).


While not much different, it will provide much better responsiveness for folks reading the website on a tablet and smartphone … and very importantly – the adaptability for new functionality we are working on.