Turkish plants utilize remote monitoring to save water

Germencik plant, near Izmir, Turkey (picture not related to story)
Alexander Richter 19 Eki 2014

Geothermal plants by Maren Enerji in Aydin, Turkey are using a web-based remote monitoring and diagnostic platform, which allows to keep up to date on the performance of water treatment systems.

With help from advanced automated technology from GE (NYSE: GE), three geothermal power plants in Turkey, owned by Kipa? Holding, have significantly reduced water usage, lowered CO2 emissions, decreased corrosion, and are now using the Industrial Internet to analyze data. Kipa? Holding’s recent expansion of the existing Maren Enerji plants together produces a total of 68 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The company is also constructing one new plant, which will produce 24 MW.

Harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet, the Maren Enerji geothermal plants, located in Aydin, Turkey, are using GE’s InSight* Knowledge Management Solution, a remote monitoring and diagnostic platform, to monitor the performance of the water treatment systems at the power plants. GE’s InSight, a web-based platform, helps maximize the plant’s reliability through real-time visualization and diagnostics related to keeping the water systems’ performance and contributing parameters on track.

GE also provided an automatic chemical solution preparation unit to remove the chance of human error in preparing the solution manually. In geothermal power plants, chemical dosing needs to be precise, and GE’s solution ensures accuracy. It also provided an environmentally friendly solution to reduce water consumption in an area that is experiencing a shortage of agricultural-quality water.
The geothermal power plants have one of the world’s longest underground piping networks to deliver chemicals to the geothermal wells. Due to GE’s automatic chemical ?solution preparation unit and the underground delivery system, Maren Enerji has ceased truck deliveries within agricultural zones, which improved air quality by eliminating dust and lowering CO2 emissions due to less traffic from delivery trucks.

For Maren Enerji’s savings, GE honored the company with its Return on Environment (ROE) award, which recognizes customers for significantly surpassing and improving environmental and industrial operational goals and balancing industrial demands. During the ROE three-tier selection process, GE examined set goals as well as the achieved environmental, operational and financial benefits. The ROE is a prestigious award given to honor a significant environmental (water, energy, resource) component.

“As government support for renewable sources of energy increases in Turkey, we have seen a rise in geothermal power projects,” said Ralph Hadley, regional executive, Europe and Russia — water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “Today, geothermal is used for more than just central heating and is recognized as a viable form of power generation.”

Source: GE release via WaterWorld