Jeotermal Haberler – new Turkish language service being prepared by ThinkGeoEnergy

Spaceholder site for Jeothermal Haberler, Turkish geothermal news from ThinkGeoEnergy
Alexander Richter 26 Oca 2016

We are proud to announce a new service we are working on. A Turkish language service of ThinkGeoEnergy bringing geothermal news in Turkey to one of the fastest growing geothermal markets today.

With a growing geothermal market in Turkey, we are now proud to announce that we are preparing a Turkish version of ThinkGeoEnergy to serve the Turkish geothermal industry. The site will be at www.jeotermalhaberler.com

The idea is to source and cover news from Turkey in Turkish, but also for our English-website here and our Spanish site.

We are currently preparing the site and structure and are looking for input from our readers in Turkey and elsewhere. What do you think of a Turkish ThinkGeoEnergy and what news would you like it to cover?

We are also working on a comprehensive market report on the geothermal market in Turkey, here a little teaser showing the development of the geothermal power generation capacity in Turkey from 1984 to today. With 635 MW installed as of today, there are 96 MW currently under construction and projects that could add an additional 430 MW. This would move the overall geothermal capacity at around 1,200 MW in only a few years.


We are also looking for help with the site, so if you want to get involved, please drop me an email at alex@thinkgeoenergy.com