ThinkGeoEnergy launches new website for its Spanish PiensaGeotermia platform

Alexander Richter 4 Tem 2016

We are proud to launch the new website for PiensaGeotermia, the leading geothermal news platform for the Spanish-speaking world, operated by ThinkGeoEnergy.

With a long time in the making, we finally launched the new website for PiensaGeotermia, the Spanish-language service of ThinkGeoEnergy.

Started in late 2010, PiensaGeotermia, finally provided a news platform for the Spanish-speaking world. Until today, only a smaller part of the readership of ThinkGeoEnergy comes from the parts of the world speaking Spanish.

The site also sends out a weekly news overview in an email newsletter. You can subscribe to it here: http://www.piensageotermia.com/newsletter

I would like to congratulate Francisco Rojas, the editor of PiensaGeotermia and his prececessor Abraham Ormad for establishing and growing a platform that now is the leading news platform for one of the key growth regions for geothermal development.

The site has grown from year to year as you can see here below (here the number of visitors on a weekly basis).


The site has today a daily readership from 200 to 400 from around 70 countries on a monthly basis.

Here the top 10 visiting countries:

  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • U.S.
  • Nicaragua

We are also now starting to sell advertisement on the site. If you are interested in securing a spot on the site, drop an email to francisco@thinkgeoenergy.com